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[Audio] "Y.A.S.S (You Ain't Sayin Shit)" - Judah Getem

[Audio] "Y.A.S.S (You Ain't Sayin Shit)" - Judah Getem

Dissonant, off-kilter piano paired with trilling, vicious vocals, Judah Getem has a lot to bring to hip-hop in terms of original and flavor. The Grand Rapids MC has been highly praised for his free-styling game, something I believe many rappers need to master to take their music to the next level, when he finally decided to make music his life.

His first single "Closed Caption" was created under his former stage name 'Judah Christ'. This single won #3, #2, then #1 on Snoop Dogg's #UndergroundHeat (whic can be found in episodes 97-99).

And if you want to act an ass with the squad before a function, this song is instantly the smartest choice. Blast this in the car or at the house and you're. From the energy he has brought to this track alone, we're excited for Judah's journey. Check out all this music on SoundCloud.

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[Audio] "Y.A.S.S (You Ain't Sayin Shit)" -  Judah Getem

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