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[Album Review] 'Jamo Neat' - Chris Webby

[Album Review] 'Jamo Neat' - Chris Webby

[Album Review] 'Jamo Neat' - Chris Webby

Review by @BoSSin777

Connecticut born rapper Chris Webby released 10-track album Jamo Neat in mid-July. This new release has already accrued thousands of plays on Soundcloud. One of the most interesting aspects of this album is that it was produced entirely by rapper/producer SAP (acronym meaning “Sound of a Pioneer”) who is also featured in several tracks. SAP is a well-known producer who’s work spans from strictly independent artists to big name rappers like Mac Miller, Meek Mill, Tyga, and The Game. Jamo Neat is remarkably cohesive, creative, and air tight—which speaks to the effectiveness of the Webby/SAP partnership as the album was created in a week.

Intro track “Walt and Jesse" featuring SAP is an interesting to start to Jamo Neat. It’s a very clever intro track that speaks to the Webby & SAP partnership--how they operate in together in the studio and how they smoke other rappers in the game. “Walt and Jesse” refers to the cult AMC show Breaking Bad's main characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. The song major metaphor-- music is a drug—is a direct reference to meth as both a drug and a business. This is actually a smart comparison. After your first lap around Jamo Neat, you will undoubtedly be left with the same “holy shit” feeling, after you were done binge-watching Breaking Bad. And you will be back for more because this new release from Webby will leave you hooked.

“Master of the Ceremony” follows and is one of the more impressive diss tracks I’ve come across. He compares himself to a serial killer and gets pretty descript lyrically. This track feels like it may have been inspired by very early Eminem & Dre—from SAP’s production to Webby’s execution on this track. I got goose bumps listening to this because his flow is venomous and he gets right to the point-- calling out the entire block of commercial artists for being fake:

“A new rap song with Miley Cyrus? Sorry I don’t buy it
This is Hip-Hop, and now we all fuckin’ surrounded by this
Rap, pop, and these bottles, and twerkin’ it right on my dck
So fckin’ numb is the culture, we’re like, “I kinda like it…”

The third track is single “Whatchu Need" features SAP and Stacey Michelle. Webby fans his feathers with confidence and gives us a smooth delivery-- while the single has a definite fresh sound-- it also has a very old school vibe. Stacey Michelle compliments Webby’s raspy sound with a voice that strikes the perfect balance between pretty and strong.

Webby and SAP continue to show us their variance and range of style with the next track “Feelin’ Like." In my mind this is the albums only downfall—perhaps the semi-reggae sound, while fun, feels a bit mediocre. With only 10 tracks on this release, I would have liked to see that landscape used for something more raw. “Screws Loose" feat. Stacey Michelle follows and Webby goes full force with a tirade about his “insane” rap skills, this track is loaded with so much imagery it feels like it could have been a poem in an artsy “Zine” at some point in its life. While Webby clearly wants listeners to know his level of commitment to his rhymes with this track—it also feels like a statement on how being different can be so nerve wracking and isolating that one might find themselves brewing in their own internal insanity.  It has a similar to feel to the track “Jekyll and Hyde”—where Webby vents about being frustrations of being labeled and boxed in by being compared to other rappers.

JAMO Neat is dynamic and creative from start to finish. There is nothing on this release that feels redundant. “True Romance” gives listeners a glimpse at the sensitive side of Webby. While he still squeezes his witty rhymes in throughout, the vibe gets slowed way down and has an overall sweetness to it. This song also stands apart from your typical hip-hop/rap love song-- it’s just simple and honest and paints a small moment of adoration and infatuation—that feeling of “I’m just going to enjoy this because it could be something.”

My favorite track lives on the last portion of Jamo Neat. “Say it Aint So” which I could love for it’s production alone, is the type of verbal warfare where Webby manages to take major jabs at the media, fake rappers, consumerism, and societal ignorance while there are some complex notions throughout on this track, Webby’s intent is simply state in the track’s hook:

“Whoa, say it ain’t so, everything that glitter ain’t gold
Whoa, say it ain’t so, tellin’ you the way shit go.”

“Vibe to It" feat. SAP is another strong track—the production is catchy and relaxed and the combo of SAP and Webby both spitting leaves us with a sound that can best be described as “smooth.” Jamo Neat closes out with “That’s Life” while the track is undoubtedly solemn in its subject matter and sound, Webby leaves a piece of himself vulnerable which is a final reminder that he is not only an intellectual beast, but he’s human and authentic.

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