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Chris Webby Showing Off His Lyrical Talent

Chris Webby recently stopped by Hip Hop Nation at Sirius XM to show off his bars and promote his new EP, Jamo Neat. He dropped 2 different freestyles over 2 different beats and killed both of them. His lyrics are a mix of classics and current events with rhyming that is on point. Webby often goes off the top when he is freestyling so you have to give him respect because most artists don't do that nowadays.

Chris Webby also stopped by Shade 45 with Sway and dropped a couple of writtens over "U Mad" and "Drive Slow." Webby is the first artist to rap on Sway in the Morning for their 5th year anniversary. Sway calls out wack rappers and tells them to "stay home if you aint ready" which I believe was well said.

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Chris Webby Showing Off His Lyrical Talent

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