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Loft Goals Album Review Locksmith

[Album Review] LOFTY GOALS - Locksmith

Loft Goals Album Review Locksmith


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Review by DJ Slice @TheDJSlice

California native Locksmith recently released a new project titled, Lofty Goals, so I had to do a review. Before I wrote this review, I had no clue who Locksmith was or what he was about. After this review is posted, I'll be listening to a lot more of this MC simply because he's a great storyteller with a relatable message.

The first track, "Lessons," starts off with a spacey piano and some harmonizing from featured artist Braden Blair. He's putting himself out there for the listener; telling his story. Lyrics of struggle, guilt, pain, and loss. Lyrics that make the listener think as well as feel something. "I rarely make excuses look what he endured / My girl left the same week I had to l leave in tour." The chorus is very uplifting over a dope beat. A great introduction to this mixtape.

Locksmith has a great ear for beats and he finds great flows no matter what. On "Careful", we see more of an aggressive side of this MC. Through his lyrics, the listener can tell he's intelligent. Dope bars over a crazy beat. The listener is greeted by a beat switch at the 1:40 mark. More bars over an even cooler beat.

We all go through relationship problems. Locksmith gives us a dope song to relate to with "Boxes" that fits this theme. "All you left me with was a living room full of boxes." This MC has mastered the art of storytelling and his delivery on each and every record is on point.

Every song on this tape carries the theme of pain and turning that pain into success, whether it's a confident song or an emotional song. Tracks "Blinded" and "Tell Me Sht" are definitely those confident songs. He's telling haters... Hey, fuck you. I'm dope... Still keeping it very lyrical and real. On "Tell Me Sht," the beat switches up to a more soulful vibe and he keeps on spitting. Very cool.

Locksmith gets a feature from Chris Webby on "Sure As Can Be." Both Webby and Locksmith give us fire verses over a jazzy hip hop instrumental. "Plot Line" is another personal yet inspiring song. Easy to relate to and a great listen. Marc E. Baddy provides an inspirin chorus.

This is an artist that speaks his mind and keeps it all the way real. Locksmiths lyrics and flows keep the listener... locked... into each song. He has a gift of finding a concept and staying true to it. Locksmith seems like the artist that wants to see his peers prosper and blossom. He wants to inspire. The production on this project is amazing, as well. I wanna know who the producers are.

On "The Love", Locksmith speaks about his own struggle and growth. Locksmith is so focused on the future, but there is something (or many things) in his past that he has to overcome. Jarell Perry gives us a beautiful chorus. "Do it all for the love."

The last song, probably my favorite, is the radio friendly song. Still keeping that Locksmith feel, he flows nicely over a happy hip hop beat. Marc E. Bassy gives us another dope chorus. I just wish that there was some drums on the hook. "American Beauty" is a great feel good song and I could only hope for an outstanding video for this one. At the three minute mark, the listener is given one more breakdown. Very Drake-esque.

In Locksmith, I hear Eminem, J. Cole, Kendrick, and Drake. He's very honest and easy to relate to. This MC has his own unique voice and he knows how to make a great record. I recommend that you take thirty minutes of your day and give Lofty Goals to your ears.

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