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'Last Train to 34th Street' – DJ C-Rich

[Instrumental Mixtape] LAST TRAIN to 34TH STREET – DJ C-Rich

Written by Ben Z @WI608

If you have a soft spot for boom-bap drums and jazz samples as I do, then this beat tape is for you!

As I clicked play and began listening to 'Last Train to 34th Street' by DJ C-Rich, it felt as though I was actually on a train going back in time. Track after track transported me to my past when I was kicking freestyles and spitting in cyphers. These smooth instrumentals made a beckoning call to the lyrics that are living within and made me mad reminiscent of all the thoughts, emotions, and flows that I've given up to the atmosphere in the name of hip-hop. Hopefully DJ C-Rich will inspire you with 'Last Train to 34th Street' as much as he inspired me!

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'Last Train to 34th Street' – DJ C-Rich

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