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Action Bronson x The Alchemist at the Magnesis Party

Action Bronson & Ty Dolla $ign Perform at Magnises Party in NYC

Action Bronson x The Alchemist at the Magnesis Party

I had the chance to attend Magnises' one year anniversary party last night at Space Ibiza in New York City. The NYC based community describes themselves as a 'international group of people looking to create and maximize our experiences.' Their motto was definitely in full effect last night at the party with Action Bronson and Ty Dolla $Sign both performing their hit songs, The Alchemist on the 1's and 2's as well as many celebrity & athlete appearances. Everything about this event was top notch; from the DJ to the people that attended it. I look forward to attending more Magnises events in the future. Magnises is transforming the traditional credit and debit card by building a community of select members who receive special benefits and exclusive access. Learn how you can become a member at

Action Bronson Performing "Terry"

BK Hippy @bkhippy on the Magnises event: "It was an amazing experience. Ty Dolla $ign played some of his radio hits that included "or nah" and "toot it and boot it" which had to dance floor poppin. The Queen's native Action Bronson followed with some of his smash hits from his debut album that included "Baby Blue", "Acting Crazy," and "Terry". Bam Bam has been capturing that classic NY sound and energy so I was beyond excited about his performance."

Ty Dolla $ign

Ty Dolla $ign performing at magnises party

Kid Named NOVA @kidnamednova on the Magnises event: "Great show last night. Loved the way Action Bronson had the crowd in control. Also the music was great. No repeats of the same songs. Def a great experience."

BK Hippy (left) - Kid Named NOVA (right)

BK Hippy and Kid Named NOVA at Magnesis party

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