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Start Your Music Business

[Book Review] Start Your Music Business Vol. 1

I was referred to Start Your Music Business™ (Vol. 1, Music Law Series™) from a business partner who has networked with the author, Audrey K. Chisholm, in the past. I want to start by saying I have no background in law and very little knowledge of business operations. My background is in web, social media, and digital marketing. Basically anything with the internet, I can understand and get to know pretty quickly. With that being said, going into this business law book seemed a bit intense for me but it turned out not to be. Audrey does a very good job of explaining the topics so that everyone can understand them. This doesn't mean she "dumbed it down" but instead she describes things in a way that someone who is unfamiliar with the topic can easily follow along.

Start Your Music Business Vol. 1 reads like a compilation of blogs posts, IMO, which I liked. It was easily for me to follow along and stop/start reading at any point throughout the book. If you are interested in copyrighting your music and then making money from it, this is definitely the book for you. I don't want to giveaway too much of the book so I will list it's key benefits below. I am currently reading the second book in her series titled, Run Your Music Business. Once I finish that, I will give you my thoughts.

What you can learn from Start Your Music Business:
The different types of business entities (Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC, S & C Corps)
-How to protect you artist/producer name
-The difference between copyright and trademark (which one to use when)
-How to copyright your music
-Benefits to owning your music
-How to sample music legally
-How to 'cover' a song legally
-How to make money from your music
-Much more...

If you are interested in getting a copy of Start Your Music Business Vol. 1 Click the link below.

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