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Review by DJ Slice @THEDJSLICE

Top 3 Favorite Tracks: The Drought, Vultures, 1998

To describe this tape, I would have to invent an emoji; mixing the fire emoji and the money with wings. THATGUYSODA delivers hit after hit on the 'Brooklyn Park LP'. I really enjoyed listening to this, and you will too.

The mixtape starts off with some smooth hi-hats and a cool piano. 'Keep Calm' tells you what to expect from this mixtape: great lyrics, awesome production, and og kush. You would think this guy is from LA, but he's from Minnesota! Shit. This guy even got King Louie on 'The Drought' track. Every track has slick flows and lyrics. Lyrics of struggle, grind, drinking, smoking and moving on your dreams.

Really not much more I can say about this project. Twelve great tracks. When THATGUYSODA comes out to perform in NYC, I'm gonna support. Download this and play it at high volume.

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