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Get Your Headphone Game Right Upcoming Hip Hop

Get Your Headphone Game Right!

Get Your Headphone Game Right Upcoming Hip Hop

Written by Ben Z @WI608

Hey you. I know you're feeling pretty damn good right now. Your shoes, jeans, shirt, hat, hair & everything else are looking flawless. The world knows you're about to take over. Right? So you decide to put some music on and fully capture the essence of this moment. “Yeah, that track right there. That one right there! Yeah! This is my song! This one right mutha f*****g here!” you say to yourself as you hit play on your phone. But then you reach down, grab those ear buds and only put in the crusty-ass-looking but still working left earbud since the right side doesn't work anymore.

Hopefully, this isn't you. Unfortunately though, for all too many in the hip hop world, this is how they listen to their music! You might look as clean as Kanye & Kim vacationing on the Mediterranean shores, but your audio game is looking more like the Seahawks throwing that interception on 2nd & goal at the end of the Super Bowl. Not only might your sound quality suck, but people won't trust the musical opinions of someone that doesn't even have proper headphones! So we are going to help you out by listing options that fit many types of listeners and budgets. Now get your headphone game up!

For Hip Hop Connoisseurs and Fashion Minded Individuals:

Beats by Dre.

AKG Q460 Mini-on-ear-headphones

For Fashion-Minded Studio Sessions with Top Quality:

Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear-Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBL Pro-Headphones

Studio Session Quality for Less Money:

Sennheiser HD280 Pro

Sony MDR7506 Headphones

Quality earbuds with style:

AKG Q350 Headphones-Quincy-Jones-Signature

Symphonized NRG Premium Genuine Wood Earbuds


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