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Why Branding an Artist is Important


Written by Duval Zimmerman @duvaljr

One thing is for certain and every artist needs to comprehend weather they embrace it or not is that they are a brand. Your brand as an artist is only strong if it has the ability to entice the audience that you are trying to reach thus creating a robust and steadfast fan base. It is very crucial that artist understand that their brand is something that has to be captivating and should always attract new fans or followers but most certainly maintain the existing following that you already have. Your brand needs to be very distinctive and clear when you present yourself as an artist. You want to be very unique in your own way but not idiosyncratic. Artist need to understand that their brand extend beyond the music that they produce, public appearance also play an effective role with how you’re branding yourself.

The common misconception with come up artist (rappers to be specific) is that they want to depict a gangster or hood type imagine and to me that is the absolute wrong way to go about getting industry recognition and/or a deal. The initial reason I believe that the gangster image is the wrong way to try to brand yourself is because majority of the time these come up artist are not living what they are rapping; which would discredit their brand simply because you are lying to the listeners and your lifestyle is not synonymous. Keep your brand authentic and true, ultimately that will create a loyal fan base in which would convert to a career of longevity.

Currently I am working with 4ourty8 and as an artist who is on the come up he is ahead of the game, not only is he making good music but he thoroughly understand branding. His music is synonymous to exactly who he is because he has a story to tell. The fact he has a story to tell makes his branding image genuine.

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